VLN 7, Nürburgring-Nordschleife

Another difficult weekend in VLN 7 with the Black-Falcon Textar/EAE Group #171 Porsche Cayman GT4 MR. Solid P3 in qualy done on a single lap trying to preserve tires for the race but was all for nothing. I drove the start of the race as usual had a good first lap but then I was stuck in a group of cars from an upper class that were struggling with pace, I would get murdered on the straight and then blocked in the corners. This went on for almost the full first stint, I tried to keep calm and think about the big picture and keep the car safe but a competitor missed his braking point in T1 and collected me. Nothing major but we had to pit for repairs and that was the end of it. Very frustrating but this is VLN, very mixed cars and drivers skills make for interesting racing but can also be a bad thing. After the repairs Mehmet drove his stint but we decided to retire the car anyway as we were too far behind and it made no sense to take risks. This is probably the end of my VLN season as my teammate opted out of the last two races, it was a very mixed season until now, we were always very strong and we won a couple of races but bad luck never really went away with several race ending technical issues. Let’s see what 2018 VLN season brings!

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